Moët Hennessy Österreich GmbH

Last year I worked together with Robert in his function as CFO for the
Central and Southern Europe Region. He efficiently built up and
maintained  the finance department and on which other departments could
perform. He has a good  eye for sub-optimal processes and structures and
delivers a practical vision on how to handle and improve these. A perfect
example of this was the  Austrian Logistics & Warehouse decluster in 2012
with Robert as the driving force behind this quality and cost effective change.

Robert lived the Moet Hennessy values 'simplicity beats complexity' and
'entrepreneurship'and this is reflected in the way he facilitates work
processes  for his colleques abd initiates new - service oriented - projects.
Besides his contributions to the business, he is a fun person to work with.

Marc Goudemont,
Country Manager
Moet Hennessy Österreich GmbH